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Technical Skills

Languages: Java, PHP, J2EE, J2ME, Blackberry SDK, Android SDK
Databases: Mysql, Oracle, Postgres, Amazon SimpleDB, SQLite
Frameworks: Spring 2, Spring 3, Rails, CodeIgniter, Django
ORM: iBatis, Active Record, Hibernate
Server Side technology: Jsp, Servlet, Filters, Ejb
Client side: Java Script, Ajax, Dojo, JSON, JQuery, Google Map API, Sencha Touch
Design patterns: DAO, Facade, Factory patterns, MVC
Operating Systems: Windows, Dos, Linux
Tools: Winscp, putty, cuteFTP, CISCO VPN, tortoise SVN, AWStats, memcached, SpamAssassin, EhCache, JavaMelody, Amazon EC2 API Tools, PMD
CMS systems: WordPress, openCMS
Database Tools: Sql Yog, DB tools, Toad, PgAdmin 2, EMS, case studio2
Markup Languages: HTML, XML, KML, MXML
Version Control Tools: VSS, SVN, CVS
Testing Tools: Fitnesse, Selenium, Junit, Jmeter, AB, Badboy
Building Tools: Ant, LuntBuild, Rake, Capistrano
IDE: Eclipse, Dreamweaver Mx,Flex builder 2, Zend
Web Server: Jakarta Tomcat 5.5, Tomcat 6, Tomcat 7.0
Application Server: Jboss 4, Oracle App server, Apache
And have necessary Knowledge in: C, C++, Python, Flash and Flex Remoting,Google Earth programming (using KML), Amazon S3,

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